Opportunities for Scientists

The NC Science Festival helps connect STEM professionals with audiences across North Carolina, including at public events and through school programs. Check out some of the ways scientists can get involved with the NCSciFest:

A scientist interacting with students during a SciMatch visit

Our SciMatch program pairs middle school teachers with scientists who are passionate about their work to schedule virtual visits to lead activities with your students.

This year, scientists will make in-person or virtual visits to classes in April, where they'll speak with students about their backgrounds and research, and answer questions about their careers. The goal of each visit is to inspire students to consider science as a career and to understand how science impacts our lives.

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Funded by the North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation, FUTURES is a STEM outreach program that empowers community college faculty, staff, and students to connect with their local community through sharing their personal stories.

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Sharing Your Science Through Story

In this short online course for scientists who research the impacts of climate change on human health, participants will practice skills in science communication and storytelling, and will develop and record a workable draft of a story that articulates the participant’s personal science journey and research and that can be shared orally with a lay audience.

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