What is the North Carolina Science Festival?

The North Carolina Science Festival is an annual statewide celebration of STEM that occurs every April across North Carolina. During the month long festival, hundreds of event hosts from across the state celebrate STEM through events that promote science, technology, engineering and math and showcase just how fun and exciting these fields can be. Events can range from children’s nature walks, to robotics competitions, to talks from science superstars like Neil Degrasse Tyson!

How can I find an event near me?

The North Carolina Science Festival website features an interactive map and an event listings page where you can browse our calendar of events. The search fields allow you to search by location, date, topic, and more to find the perfect events for you and your family!

Where is the North Carolina Science Festival?

The North Carolina Science Festival is all around you! The 2024 NC Science Festival features events in all 100 counties. Event locations can include participating museums, libraries, schools, and even NC State Parks. Search the NC Science Festival calendar and discover what amazing science events are near you!

Who is the NC Science Festival for?

The North Carolina Science Festival is for everyone! There are events for all ages including our state’s youngest residents and even adults-only events.  Most events are family-friendly with something for everyone to enjoy.  Several events are offered each year for Spanish speakers in different areas of the state.  The NC Science Festival also welcomes visitors from out of state who want to join in the fun!

What do the event names - "Signature Event" "Official Expo" etc, mean? 

A unique science offering that is special for this year

This Festival Favorite is a top-rated event! 

An exclusive community celebration that features an array of STEM activities

Events suited for those 18+ or 21+

How much does it cost to attend the NC Science Festival?

Most of the North Carolina Science Festival events are free for participants! Event admission can vary depending on the specific event, so be sure to check the event listing on the NC Science Festival website for the exact pricing of events.  

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in the North Carolina Science Festival by participating in one of our events in April, or, if you would like, you can apply to be a host of your very own NC Science Festival event!

Why a Festival?

Science Festivals are fun and engaging ways for the public to interact with STEM professionals and participate in hands-on science.  Festivals bring together local communities and showcase the incredible STEM work being done in the area.  The North Carolina Science Festival is a member of the national Science Festival Alliance which reached 2.6 million people across the country in 2016!

Events and programs can pop up everywhere during a science festival, including in unexpected places. In this way, festivals establish science as a part of the local culture, attracting the attention and potential participation of everyone living and working in a community. Science festivals bring the public into direct contact with scientists and engineers. These experiences lead people to seek out more science engagement throughout the rest of the year. Science festivals also provide new opportunities for scientists and engineers to get involved in public outreach. By convening as many partners as possible, science festivals bring together organizations and individuals committed to public engagement with science in the community.

Who sponsors the Festival?

The North Carolina Science Festival’s presenting sponsor is RTI International. Please visit our Current Sponsors page for an up-to-date list of our supporters.

Who produces the NC Science Festival?

The North Carolina Science Festival is produced by the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.  The Festival is one of many ways that Morehead seeks to fulfill its mission of engaging the public for an improved understanding of science, technology, and health.

Who should I contact with questions about….?

You can contact the North Carolina Science Festival team at ncscifest@unc.edu for general questions. If you have more specific questions and would prefer to contact us by phone, you can contact the NC Science Festival program manager, Erik MacIntosh, at (919) 962-3274.