Higher Education

Showcase your campus expertise in STEM disciplines!

The North Carolina Science Festival provides the perfect opportunity for colleges and universities to connect with their communities by hosting STEM programs as part of the Festival.

Private colleges and universities, community colleges and state universities have all hosted Festival events such as:

  • campus-wide science expos
  • STEM open houses for high school students
  • guest speakers (including forums and panel discussions)
  • lab tours
  • demonstrations — applied technologies, virtual realities, model gardens, weather balloon launches, etc.
  • special exhibits
  • STEM-related film festivals

Be creative! There are as many different ways to share STEM content as there are people in your potential audience.

In addition to campus-hosted Festival events, the Festival provides opportunities for community college faculty, staff, and students to participate in the Festival’s FUTURES program. This brand new initiative is a communication training program that empowers participants to share their personal stories with their community to celebrate the breadth and depth of STEM careers. Check out the FUTURES page for more information and to apply!