2022 Statewide Star Party Application

Application Deadline: November 30, 2021

All applicants will be notified by: December 10, 2021

Contact Info

Contact Information

Event Info

Event Information

Please note: Star Party events must be scheduled for Friday, April 8, or Saturday, April 9, 2022
Describe your plans for organizing your Star Party event. Please include the location, intended audience, collaborators and partners, how your participants will observe the sky, other activities participants will do at your event, your rain/cloud plan, your COVID backup plan, your staffing plan, your plan for promoting your event, and any other details you feel are important.
Star Party events usually offer telescope viewing. Where will your telescopes—and the people to operate them—come from? If you plan to partner with amateur astronomers or an astronomy club, tell us which astronomers/club and whether you already have a relationship with them.
The North Carolina Science Festival is committed to the mission of “Science for All.” Please describe how your institution and your participation in the Statewide Star Party helps to achieve that mission and improve access to STEM opportunities for North Carolinians, particularly underserved and underrepresented populations.
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